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Ordering Process

Scrappy's Nappies Custom Made Kitten, Cat, Pet Diaper
Scrappy's Nappies Custom Made Kitten, Cat, Pet Diaper

Once you have decided to place a custom order for your furbaby, you will



Browse and choose a fabric of your choice, located under the "fabrics" tab we have over 60 different  top quality fabrics to choose from, sure to please every style.



Decide which style you would like your nappy to be.   We currently offer the following 6  styles:































  Now you place your order.  Once your order is paid, I will contact you via email and supply you with a diagram for you to fill out and return to me so I can begin plotting your pet's measurements and begin crafting their custom fitted Nappy.  


If you would like to save time, after your order is paid, you can go to the "contact" tab and locate the diagram you need and just send it to me via either the email address or the "Contact us" link.   Include your order number and I will need All Measurements that are outlined.  

  Other Info

 I handcraft each custom nappies in the order they are placed and Paid.  On average, once I receive your measurements, it will take approximately 7-10 business days per nappy to complete.  I will then send your new nappy to you via usps priority mail which typically runs an additional 2-4 days.  So, if ordering only one nappy,  from beginning to end with ** no waiting list, you should have your nappy in about two weeks time.


** Waiting List**

When waiting lists are applicable, they will appear as a "pop-up window" when you visit Scrappy's Nappies website.  If you are interested in having one of our custom nappies made when waiting lists are in place, it is highly recommended to place your an order to reserve your place in queue.  Once orders are placed, I will keep you frequently updated as to your placement in line. By all means, if you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact me directly via email or Facebook!

**Pop-Up Windows**  

Several pages on this site use interactive pop up windows.  Please enable "pop-ups" for Scrappy's Nappies.  I personally run this web page and you can be assured, you will Not! receive any unrelated - click-baits-- redirects to non Scrappy's related products --or any other annoying spam!


Scrappy's Nappies Custom Made Kitten, Cat, Pet Diaper
Scrappy's Nappies Custom Made Kitten, Cat, Pet Diaper
Scrappy's Nappies Custom Made Kitten, Cat, Pet Diaper
I make these nappies fully with the intention to help others struggling with the same incontinent issues
​that my furbaby suffers from.  By purchasing our nappies, you agree to not leave your fur baby
unattended at anytime while wearing his or her nappy. We will not be held responsible for any injury
caused by any unattended furbabies wearing our nappies.  They are made with Love and Care
and are meant to bring families together while bonding without messy incontinence issues interrupting 
that special loving time.