Choose Your Style Nappy

New Nappykins 1-001.JPG

The base model of the "Nappy-Kins" style is our minimalist version.  It has  adjustability in the waist for the perfect fit.  This particular style is intended for furbabies that require little help in retaining their nappy.  If you choose, a coordinating collar and harness is available to give you additional support .

Back Strap Nappy Cat Diaper

The "Back-Strap"  nappy design consists of  full coverage on the bum, belly and chest.  The collar is connected to the bodice as well as to the removable retaining strap that runs from the base of the neck to the bum. 


I recommend this version mostly for young furbabies beginning their journey into nappies. It is the perfect medium support, training nappy , for young beginners to those accustomed to wearing backstraps.  This is the nappy that started it all, and to this day is Scrappy's nappy of choice!

Open Back Nappy Cat Diaper

 The "Open Back " style nappy consists of a full coverage front bodice - belly- chest as well as full bum coverage and the collar is integrated into the neckline. The back is "open" yet provides extra support with side coverage that the  "Backstrap" does not.  


I recommend this version for all  ages and levels of  furbabies that need a little more help retaining their nappy.  

Peek A Boo Nappy Cat Diaper

The "Peek - A - Boo" style nappy is similar to the open back version.  It differs in that both the back as well as chest areas are open. 


This particular nappy was designed to give more retaining  power than the Nappy-Kins  and Back-Strap, but still give as much "open" surface area as possible.  It is recommended for all ages and levels of nappy needs, from beginners to masters.

Full Back Nappy Cat Diaper

The Fullback Nappy is our most coverage nappy.  This particular nappy covers fully the back, bum, belly, waist and chest. The collar is integrated into the neckline and connects to the back of  the nappy.


The Full-back was initially designed for the "Houdini's" that always find a way to escape their nappy.  Many clients also choose this style as a warmer option for cooler seasons.

grayed out double harness model.JPG
Single Collar Harness Etsy Big.jpg
Double Collar Harness Etsy Big.jpg

This is our custom, fully adjustable diaper stay harness.  It comes in either a Single or Double clip version.  It is intended to clip and lock your own diaper into place to prevent diapers from falling down or slipping off.  The clip straps are connected to our popular adjustable collar and the clips lock down into position.   You have the option of further adjusting the length of the straps to give your furbaby the perfect fit.   I would recommend this system for pets that are used to wearing diapers, but may just need that little extra bit of help keeping them in place.

Double Chest Harness.JPG

Single or Double  Clip Chest  Harness

This is our newest collar style update.  The  "Double Chest Diaper Stay Harness" is just that.

It has fully adjustable front chest and armpit buckles that are made of reinforced elastic to give the most comfortable fit available! It also has as a Single or Double adjustable locking Diaper

Stay clip to secure your own diaper or try one of our adorable matching "Nappy-Kins" Diaper Covers.


Prissy Pants Ruffle Butt Skirt 

This is our newest adorable style update.  The "Prissy Pants Ruffle Skirt"  is an accessory add on to any of our nappy styles! It is Shown above paired with our Nappy-Kins nappy.  It is easily slipped on and off with an elastic waist band and gives your furbaby that extra adorable- perfect little sassyness!  Who says incontinence can't be beautiful!