FAQ for Custom Pet Cat Diapers

Frequently   Asked    Questions

Is it hard to measure correctly for my custom garment?

Not at all! Once your order is placed, I will give you a confirmation email. In this email, I will give you diagrams of all of the measurements I will need from you. It is large and color coded so that is easy to follow.

What if I still have problems measuring?

No Worries!! I am always available to help guide you! I understand this process can seem unnerving at first. If need be, I will walk you through each step!.........your not alone, Im here to help!

How can I get in touch with you directly?

I have found that the quickest way to get in touch with me Live, during the day is on Facebook Messenger. http://www.facebook.com/ScrappysNappies/ If you do not have a social media account, the next best way to get in touch with me is through email directly. This may take some time for me to get, but once received, I will respond as quickly as possible! ScrappysNappies@Gmail.Com

How much are your custom nappies?

You will find all the pricing information listed on the individual fabric choice pages. Click any fabric choice, and a drop down should open showing all the options and prices. Still have a question?............Just ask me!

How Long will it take to get my nappy?

Each nappy I create is a process that goes like this on average....... Next client in line 1-2 Business days to draft a custom sewing pattern from the measurements you have given 3-4 Business days to create your new nappy.
*Sometimes, It can be more or less depending on your nappy requirements 3-4 Business days for your package to arrive at your home. All nappies are created in the order they are purchased and paid. Questions?..... just ask me!