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Scrappy's Nappies were born out of a need to find a custom fitted incontinence pad system for a disabled kitten.  Not long ago, an orange rumpy Manx kitten with Spina Bifida / Manx Syndrome chose my farm to call home.  At 3 weeks old, this poor little baby was abandoned because he has severe Bowel and Bladder incontinence.  I took on this special needs baby knowing that the shelters would euthanize him, well, Not on MY watch! 


I could not find anything that fit him without easily being kicked off.  So the journey began to create a custom diapering system that was both made with quality fabrics and most importantly, one that "Stays On"! 


These nappies are made of high quality, durable 2 PLY! 2 or 4 - way stretch- Lycra / spandex.  This gives them a snug fit, and allows your baby to move freely without being bound, stiff or restrictive.  This nappy holds the pad of your choice snuggly, and with elastic leg holes, leakage is not an issue.  I use industrial Velcro closures to ensure that they last as long as possible and this also ensures the best fit as you can adjust and readjust as needed.


If you are interested in having a Scrappy's Nappy made for your pet, I will get your pet’s measurements from you, then you can pick the fabric from my available choices, and I will begin to customize your baby’s new nappy.  I do recommend purchasing two, one to wear while the other is hand washed and line dried.  But, that is of course your decision.  I look forward to helping your disabled pet live as normally as possible and make pet incontinence a non-issue for you and your family. 



Scrappy's Nappies

Hot Magenta on Black Abstract Print Fabric Choice

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    I make these nappies fully with the intention to help others struggling with the same incontinent issues
    ​that my furbaby suffers from.  By purchasing our nappies, you agree to not leave your fur baby
    unattended at anytime while wearing his or her nappy. We will not be held responsible for any injury
    caused by any unattended furbabies wearing our nappies.  They are made with Love and Care
    and are meant to bring families together while bonding without messy incontinence issues interrupting 
    that special loving time.