4W Lycra- Spandex

Limited Quantity

Lt. Pink - Dk. Pink - White Swirls on Black Fabric Choice

SKU: 00039
  • Spandex - Lycra Nappies should be hand washed with mild detergent only and hang to dry.  

  • Custom made Nappies are not returnable.

I make these nappies fully with the intention to help others struggling with the same incontinent issues
​that my furbaby suffers from.  By purchasing our nappies, you agree to not leave your fur baby
unattended at anytime while wearing his or her nappy. We will not be held responsible for any injury
caused by any unattended furbabies wearing our nappies.  They are made with Love and Care
and are meant to bring families together while bonding without messy incontinence issues interrupting 
that special loving time.