Why I  Started  Scrappy's Nappies

I am an animal lover by nature, and  even live on a farm.  I've had many animals in my life, and still do.  Not very  long ago, a tiny (maybe 4-6 month old)  Manx cat showed up on my back deck.  I thought  "oh lord, I must have Bleeding Heart" pheromones  all over me because all strays end up at my farm some how.  

I thought  surely someone must be missing their "pet" as it is such an unusual breed for this area.  So, off to the shelter we went.  


When we arrived, to my utter surprise, the shelter informed me that they could not accept the cat because it was lactating and has kittens somewhere.........  Really?!?  now believe me, i'm not new to this animal pregnancy thing, but Lord, she was so tiny!   The shelter said she may have only had one kitten......I was dumbfounded............. 

Well....... Ok then, back home we went to search for the mysterious litter of kitten(s)........

We brought mama back out side where we found her, hoping she would lead us to her babies, but she had different plans....she was not in  the least bit interested in anything but being loved on and held..... poor thing!!....... so, me and the kids looked all over the farm, not a single sign of any babies.  We were stumped..... 

For the next two days, we looked and listened and looked some more.....nothing......  

By now, Mama Manx had developed Mastitis, so off to the vet we went.......

On day Four  - I know!! four whole days without mama, I heard this screeching coming from my back deck.  Can you believe it?!? this little peanut of a rumpy manx kitten not more than 3-4 weeks old, had survived four whole days without food, milk or mama........he was a dirty mess, and hungry, but otherwise seemed just fine.  Thus, "Scrappy"  had earned his name and found his new life......being pampered with his Mama.   

The next morning, we noticed that Scrappy was soiled both with urine and feces again.  We cleaned him up and showed him the litter box several times, but he was always wet and soiled when I checked on him.


As a child, I owned several Manx kittens, non of which had any issues with regards to elimination.  I began to research.  What I discovered, is that many "rumpy" Manx kittens (no tail /no nub) are born with Manx Syndrome.  The same gene that causes the variations in tail length, can also cause varying degrees of Spina

Bifida or Manx Syndrome.  


Scrappy had a severe case afflicting both bladder and bowel.  He was unable to control either eliminations.

Not that I have loads of time left after running my farm and family, but I knew that if I took this sweet baby boy to the shelter, he would most certainly be euthanized.  Well, Not on my watch!  


I began sewing different  sizes, shapes and styles of diaper until I finally made one that fit  him perfectly, without restricting his movements, but most importantly 'Didn't  Come Off 'when he ran around jumping and playing and well,   just being a happy cat........    and that is how  

Scrappy's  Nappies  were born!

I make these nappies fully with the intention to help others struggling with the same incontinent issues
​that my furbaby suffers from.  By purchasing our nappies, you agree to not leave your fur baby
unattended at anytime while wearing his or her nappy. We will not be held responsible for any injury
caused by any unattended furbabies wearing our nappies.  They are made with Love and Care
and are meant to bring families together while bonding without messy incontinence issues interrupting 
that special loving time.