Scrappy's  Nappies


Cat Diaper

Scrappy's Nappies is a whole new take on Pet Protection.

     Our Nappies have  full bottom coverage that is not only a savior for pet incontinence, but can also be used as Stud protection for females in heat.  The snug, custom fit of our stretch fabrics can soothe a nervous furbaby by making them feel more secure, as well as be used as travel protection for cats and small dogs that have a tendency to urinate during long rides, or at friends  homes.  This garment can also be helpful as a post-operative garment to keep lickers and chewers from reaching their stitches or wounds by using it as an alternative to those awful  "Cones of Shame" that they hate so much.


     To insure a perfect fit, each of our nappies are custom made to your furbabies actual measurements. We have over 60 top quality fabrics for you to choose from and we only use

industrial strength closures so you can adjust and readjust as often as you like.  

Whichever style nappy you choose, you can be certain that you are receiving a top quality

custom nappy designed uniquely to your pets needs.  No other Nappy can compare to the quality and craftsmanship of Scrappy's Nappies standards !

We   Now   Offer    14  Custom   Options,

Clip On Bow Tie     $10.00

Collar Bow Tie  $15.00

Prissy Pants Ruffle Skirt  $15.00

Single Collar Harness   $15.00 

Double Collar Harness   $20.00

Single Chest Harness $30.00

Double Chest Harness  $35.00

Nappy-Kins       $40.00

Back Strap Nappy  $45.00

Full Back Nappy   $50.00

Open-Back Nappy   $55.00

Peek-A-Boo Nappy   $60.00

Scoot Suit   $60.00

PurrMaid Suit  $65.00

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Single Collar Harness Etsy Big.jpg
Double Collar Harness Etsy Big.jpg